About us

Apple Farm specialises in wholesale and retail sale of APPLES, PEARS, BLUEBERRY, RASPBERRY and BLACKBERRY. The company also provides logistic services using REFRIGERATED VEHICLES as well as sorting and storing fruit. The seat of the company and the company offices are located in Gdynia. Sorting rooms, warehouses and the transport base are located in the centre of Poland in Sompolno.


For us, there has always been an orchard. Our childhood memories are apple, pear and cherry trees and the work that was put into their maintenance. Our youths were spent in sorting rooms, cold stores and taking unforgettable lorry rides when transporting the fruit. Production, trade and transport of apples, pears and later other fruit have naturally and unnoticeably become a part of our lives. With time, other spirited and dedicated individuals have joined our team, stimulating the growth of the company firm.


The company is a fruit producer which also specialises in their purchase, processing and sale. For many years the company has cooperated with approved and reliable fruit growers both in Poland and abroad. Our partners come among others from Argentina, Chile, Peru, Spain, Holland, UAE or Hong Kong. We select the fruits suppliers with due care. We always eagerly discuss in detail the methods of correct fruit harvesting, cooling, storing, sorting and transporting. Every day we strive to ensure the highest quality of the products we handle and their optimum transport conditions.


We enjoy challenges. The difference between impossible and possible is down to human determination, and ours is sky-high. Every day we strive to ensure that the quality of our products and services is impeccable. We continue to set ourselves ever higher standards to achieve. We value the importance of continuous growth and we meet our objectives with great enthusiasm. Although this often poses many difficulties, successes achieved by us and by our customers always give us great satisfaction.