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Apple Farm Sp. z o.o.

Apple Farm is a dynamically developing family company which focuses on trade and transport. It was established in response to the need to grow and expand our horticultural holding. Building upon the expertise of a multi-generational horticultural family, our company has implemented a novel approach to fruit distribution. Apple Farm plays an active role on the wholesale market, both in Poland and abroad. At the same time, the company is also active on the retail market. It also specialises in transporting products in refrigerated vehicles.

The safety of food during the production, packing, storage and distribution processes remains our priority, while the BRC, IFS Food and IFS Logistics certification by Lloyd's Register Deutschland GmbH are the best confirmation of our practices.

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"When we produce something of quality, it is the customers that return to us and not the products" M. Thatcher

Our priority is to provide suitable consideration for products and processes at every stage that we are responsible for. We constantly strive to find the most advantageous solutions, both in regard to economics and logistics. The satisfaction of the people we cooperate with is our primary source of fulfilment. The moment a client begins to consider our company as a reliable partner is a delight to us. When it is confirmed that it is the customers that have returned to us and not the products.

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success" H. Ford

Our success results from everyone performing their duties with passion and due care, while keeping in mind the degree to which we rely on each other. We place great emphasis on honesty, integrity and fairness. We can always rely on each other, as we support one another. This is our strength which ensures the highest quality of our work. We love what we do. Some may consider us overly emotional, but we consider it a sign of our involvement. We motivate each other and our collective strength equates to greater energy.